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Photography Fun

Discover how to compose the best photo using the principles of photography while learning the differences between various cameras and their settings.  Use the amazing images you capture to build your very own portfolio website.

"My favorite part of class was building the website and going outside and taking pictures."

Course Instructor

Shelly Irvin

My name is Shelly Irvin, and I have had the privilege of teaching at MNTC summer youth since 2012. I am a recent University of Oklahoma, Visual Communications Graduate. I'm happily engaged and I cannot wait to photograph my trip to Disney this fall.  I have been doing graphic design since, 2010. I grew up with a camera in hand and I love photographing animals and landscapes. I believe photography is a way of freezing a moment in time.  I can't wait for summer youth to start, so I can share my knowledge of photography & see what awesome photos are taken. 


Course Outline

Day 1 - Mon

Photo basics & pictures; scavenger hunt 

Day 2 - Tue

Take photos; Make a quick photo slideshow

Day 3 - Wed

Take photos; Begin photography portfolio website

Day 4 - Thu

Storytime photo; Finish website; Video


Week 1:
June 4 - 7

No Classes Scheduled

Week 2:
June 11 - 14

Ages 12-14
Afternoon (1-4pm)

Week 3:
June 18 - 21

Ages 12-14
Morning (9am - 12pm)

Week 4:
June 25 - 28

No Classes Scheduled

Drop-off/Pick-up Location

Gate 1, IT Building
Franklin Road Campus
4701 12th Avenue
73069 Norman , OK