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Nails, Nails, Nails

Students will learn the safe way to add dazzle and design to their nails and how to give others a great manicure & pedicure.

"My favorite part of class was using all of the different nail polishes and trying new designs."

Course Instructor

Chante Sourignavong

Chante has been teaching Nails, Nails, Nails for over 6 years at Summer Youth Academy. She turned her hobby into a passion by learning the latest trends and how to achieve unique nail designs.  Chante’s goals are to teach her students about the beauty of nails and how to properly take care of their nails. She is dedicated for her students to achieve beautiful nails and create a fun team-building learning environment.  


Course Outline

Day 1 - Mon

Manicure Monday - Students will learn how to care for their nails and cuticles during a manicure session.

Day 2 - Tue

Nail Art & Artificial Nails Tuesday - Students learn DIY nail art designs (marble, sponge, & free form) and have the opportunity to put on artificial nails.

Day 3 - Wed

Pedicure Wednesday - Students will learn how to care for their feet by receiving a spa pedicure.

Day 4 - Thu

Perfection Thursday - Students will have the chance to perfect their nail art designs by assisting each other.


Week 1:
June 4 - 7

Ages 9-11
Morning (9am - 12pm)

Week 2:
June 11 - 14

Ages 12-14
Morning (9am - 12pm)
Ages 9-11
Afternoon (1-4pm)

Week 3:
June 18 - 21

No Classes Scheduled

Week 4:
June 25 - 28

No Classes Scheduled

Drop-off/Pick-up Location

Gate 1, IT Building
Franklin Road Campus
4701 12th Avenue
73069 Norman , OK