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Can trains float on air?  Can you predict the weather with your bones?  Is belching dangerous? Come explore everyday myths doing fun, hands-on activities involving forces of flight, crashes and collisions, the weird world of water, and the science of sports. Test your knowledge and find out if you are the ultimate Mythbuster!

"I loved everything!  From oobleck to soda and mentos to vinegar and baking soda!"

Course Instructor

Adam Spurgeon

I am an 8th grade science and Biology teacher at Longfellow Middle school in Norman. I have been teaching science for 5 years, and graduated from OU with a degree in science education. I love science and enjoy taking students through a journey of discovery about the world we live on!


Course Outline

Day 1 - Mon

Are pop rocks and soda a lethal combination? Are some items we touch dirtier than a toilet?

Day 2 - Tue

Can you build a duct tape hammock to hold a person?

Day 3 - Wed

Can you fold a paper in half more than 7 times? Is it true that people can’t walk in a straight line? Can you escape from jail with just toilet paper?

Day 4 - Thu

Mentos and Soda Geyser, Notecard Tower, Battery Magnet


Week 1:
June 3-6

Ages 12-14
Morning (9am-12pm)
Ages 12-14
Afternoon (1-4pm)

Week 2:
June 10-13

No Classes Scheduled

Week 3:
June 17-20

Ages 9-11
Morning (9am-12pm)

Week 4:
June 24-27

No Classes Scheduled

Drop-off/Pick-up Location

Gate 2, Health Building
Franklin Road Campus
4701 12th Avenue
73069 Norman , OK