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Duct Tape Design

You’ll never believe the incredible things you can make out of duct tape!  Learn to create amazing duct tape projects and learn techniques to continue the fun with your friends.

"I loved my class and loved my teacher, Mrs. Aylor.  She is the best teacher I have ever had.  She helps us, she takes care of us and she is just the best teacher ever.  She taught me wo much in this past week."

Course Instructor

Mitzi Aylor

OH SNAP...my name is Mitzi Aylor. I am a certified teacher and full time professional photographer.  This is my 14th year teaching at Summer Youth Academy.  I LOVE teaching the students how to create, whether its through duct tape or the lens of a camera.  My favorite part of the week is Thursday, when the students take what they have learned and create on their own.  It is truly a blessing to be with the students every summer.


Course Outline

Day 1 - Mon

We will go over safety guidelines for using personal X-acto knifes and cutting mats

  •  Students will learn duct tape terms
  • Students will learn how to cut and rip duct tape
  • Students will learn how to make a bow tie and hair bow

Day 2 - Tue

Students will learn how to flower pens and how to make pin wheel flowers

Day 3 - Wed

Students will learn how to make duct tape wallets and bookmarks

Day 4 - Thu

Students will learn how to make bracelets and will have time to make their own designs and do projects we did earlier in the week


Week 1:
June 4 - 7

Ages 9-11
Afternoon (1-4pm)

Week 2:
June 11 - 14

Ages 9-11
Afternoon (1-4pm)

Week 3:
June 18 - 21

No Classes Scheduled

Week 4:
June 25 - 28

No Classes Scheduled

Drop-off/Pick-up Location

Gate 1, IT Building
Franklin Road Campus
4701 12th Avenue
73069 Norman , OK