CSI Camp

Be a forensic scientist for a week and apply science to the law while solving mysteries.  Learn fingerprinting, fiber analysis, handwriting analysis, and how a forensic lab works, among many other things that a CSI needs to know! Use these skills as you solve several crimes throughout the week.

"My daughter learned so much at this camp.  She was more excited each day to go back."  

Course Outline

Day 1 - Mon

Class introduction, observation activities, types of evidence (class vs. individual), shoe impressions, fingerprints, forensic entomology

Day 2 - Tue

Speaker: Forensic Detective, microscope-looking at hair, fiber, etc. Fiber Analysis Lab

Day 3 - Wed

Speaker: Arson Investigator, Chemistry Lab- identifying unknown substances

Day 4 - Thu

Speaker: Offices Vollmer OU PD K-9, introduction to crime scene, investigate crime scene


Enrollment begins April 6 for 9-11-year-olds and April 13 for 12-14-year-olds.

Week 1:
June 5 - 8

Ages 9-11
All Day

Week 2:
June 12 - 15

No Classes Scheduled

Week 3:
June 19 - 22

Ages 9-11
All Day

Week 4:
June 26 - 29

No Classes Scheduled
Drop-off/Pick-up Location: 
Gate 2, Health Building
Franklin Road Campus
4701 12th Avenue
Norman, OK 73069