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Course Descriptions


Students will be introduced to 3D modeling software (Inventor) with project based learning activities that we will incorporate into a 3D printer to print out final designs.  Camper participation in the form of hands on design and questioning, independent designs and peer tutoring will be encouraged. During the course of 4 days, campers will design a project from start to finish that will be printed and taken home.

NEW CLASS for 12-14 year olds!

Students will learn to write computer code using Raspberry Pi, a tiny affordable computer designed to promote learning about computer science.  Students will learn fundamentals of code writing while exploring the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi.  Students will be allowed to keep the RPi to continue their learning at home.

Prerequisite: Due to the advanced nature of this course, students should have already completed a yearlong Pre-Algebra course before enrolling.

Experience a variety of media including drawing, painting, and sculpture to create amazing art projects.

"I was impressed with how many projects they accomplished during the time there. My daughter really enjoyed every day!"

Discover more about furry, scaly, slimy, and feathery creatures.  Perform real animal behavior experiments to learn about the animal kingdom and how these creatures behave and live in their environments.  This class combines learning about animals with several fun art projects you can take home.  For example, we will make animal track molds, paint them, and also hunt for real tracks on the grounds of MNTC.  We will learn the Japanese art of Gyotaku (fish printing) using preserved fish and then dissect our specimens.  We will have fun learning how to safely interact with and handle a variety of small live animals in the classroom.  (Students will have the opportunity to participate in voluntary supervised animal dissections-alternative activities will be available for those who do not wish to dissect).

"My favorite part of class was everything!  Especially playing with the animals!  The teacher too!"

Learn how water has properties that are critical for supporting life in the oceans. Explore how a wide variety of living organisms survive in their particular marine habitat. Using a microscope, discover the various microscopic organisms living in the ponds around the Summer Youth campus. 

Keep yourself and the children you watch safe and entertained.  Learn fun games and how to handle emergency situations.  Students are trained in CPR and First Aid by a certified instructor and will receive their card for an additional $40.

"I liked all of it. I like making the pens and clipboards and the first aid kits, and I like learning about what to do in an emergency" 


Learn the basics about cake, cookie, and cupcake decorating.  You will learn how to make and use fondant, learn how to use a decorating bag and tips, and learn how to create pretty and unique designs with royal icing. 

"My daughter LOVED this class!  She loved having the cupcake contest at the end of the week :)"

Do you wish you had beautiful handwriting to create personalized artwork including chalkboards?  In this fun class, you will be introduced to the art of calligraphy and chalk lettering using movement exercises and individual letter focus.  Design and personalize amazing items to decorate your room, or to give as gifts.

Choose from one of six impressive carpentry projects to build while you learn to safely operate tools, cut, nail, glue, and sand. 

Closed toe shoes are required.

"Mr. Estell got kids excited about working with their hands. Letting them turn pieces of wood into treasures and boosting their confidence." 

"Carpentry was FANTASTIC!! This was, by far, my son's favorite SYA class! The instructor was awesome!."

Learn programming in a fun, innovative 3D environment that makes it easy to create animation, play interactive games, and develop video. 

"My son couldn't wait to tell me what he did in this class.  He had a blast!"

Calling all creatives and artists! Join us for directed drawings that you can make your own by adding details using paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, and more! We will look at the work of other artists to inspire our artistic talents! 

Want to learn what it takes to create your own smart phone app?  Have fun exploring the basics of creating apps, while developing new skills at the same time.

"There was an immediate application of the information and payoff by seeing the game work."

Navigate through a series of fun and creative writing strategies each day, and focus on one piece of personal writing throughout the session. Finish with a portfolio of your own writing. 

"My daughter can't stop talking about this class. It really challenged her and she met lots of friends and adored her teacher."

Be a forensic scientist for a week and apply science to the law while solving mysteries.  Learn fingerprinting, fiber analysis, handwriting analysis, and how a forensic lab works, among many other things that a CSI needs to know! Use these skills as you solve several crimes throughout the week.

"My daughter learned so much at this camp.  She was more excited each day to go back."  


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your own slime, putty, sugar scrub, cake pops, lip balm, notepads and more? We’ll take it one step further and learn marketing and sales techniques.  Sign up for this fun DIY class.

You’ll never believe the incredible things you can make out of duct tape!  Learn to create amazing duct tape projects and learn techniques to continue the fun with your friends.

"I loved my class and loved my teacher, Mrs. Aylor.  She is the best teacher I have ever had.  She helps us, she takes care of us and she is just the best teacher ever.  She taught me wo much in this past week."

Join us for some outdoor fun!  Learn to cast, tie on a lure, fish with live and artificial baits, and fly fish.  

Want to learn to play the guitar?  Bring your own guitar, learn the basics, and join in the fun!

"My child learned so much in such a small amount of time."

"The teacher was very knowledgeable on current pop music that engaged my daughter.  She took her class seriously and couldn't wait to practice what she learned."

Have you ever imagined yourself on the show “Shark Tank” pitching your business idea? Now you can stop daydreaming and learn the ins and outs of starting and running a small business. You will establish a mock lemonade stand business and apply the principles you learn to your own business ideas. 

Learn welding basics through an interactive virtual welding simulator.   Use your new skills to assist in building a project using carbon steel. 

Requirements: closed toe, leather, ankle-height or taller shoes, 100% cotton long-sleeved shirt, and 100% cotton pants/denim jeans that cover top of shoes. 

Students will learn how to type properly and increase their typing speed all while having fun. They will also learn tricks on Microsoft Word and Prezi.  Summer youth kiddos will play games and create projects with their newly learned skills.

Kids' Court is a fun, interactive role playing mock trial class.  The class participates in the creation and re-enactment of civil and criminal cases.  

"I have never seen my daughter so animated and excited about class! This was a dream that she got to live. She couldn't even sit still at dinner because she kept hopping up when she thought of more witness questions!  I hope I can find this or any other similar class in the future. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!"


Explore the world of science and how it works through fun, hands-on experiments.  Examine the science involved in creating egg geodes, invisible ink, a balloon rocket car, homemade lava lamp, and other interactive projects.

Skills in sleight of hand, acting and psychology will be taught to create mind-blowing illusions in the eyes of your audience. Be entertaining, be amazing, be a magician!

"It's great. My son enjoyed a lot. He can perform a magic show. I really want to appreciate the teacher. I met him for short time. He was very friendly to my son."

Experience an exciting week learning about the fast-paced world of modern medicine.  Learn about the major body systems, types of diseases, the body’s immune system, basic First-Aid techniques, and interesting medical careers.

"My daughter learned so much at this camp.  She was more excited each day to go back."

Abracadabra!  Learn from a professional magician how to amaze others as you make things appear and disappear right before their very eyes.

Do you enjoy cracking hidden codes or planning and executing a great escape room experience for others to solve? In this exciting class, you will put your brainpower and logical thinking skills to work to create a "Mission Escape" experience, and become the mastermind behind an intricate web of hidden clues for others to unravel. Can they escape in the allotted time? Bring your detective mind and let the journey begin!

Students will be taking a field trip to Norman's Escape Rooms - "Cracked" on the first day of class. Students will receive behind the scenes information on how an escape room is planned. Please fill out your permission slip prior.

"I enjoyed the entire class.  The class was one of the best classes I have ever taken here at Moore Norman."

"Lori was so sweet my daughter has been taking summer classes at Moore Norman for years and says this class is one of her all time favorites."

Can trains float on air?  Can you predict the weather with your bones?  Is belching dangerous? Come explore everyday myths doing fun, hands-on activities involving forces of flight, crashes and collisions, the weird world of water, and the science of sports. Test your knowledge and find out if you are the ultimate Mythbuster!

"I loved everything!  From oobleck to soda and mentos to vinegar and baking soda!"

Students will learn the safe way to add dazzle and design to their nails and how to give others a great manicure & pedicure.

"My favorite part of class was using all of the different nail polishes and trying new designs."


Paint like the masters of the past by using real oil paints.  This class is for both beginners and a little more seasoned artists.

Learn painting techniques from an art teacher who will help you make fun art, not fine art!

Discover how to compose the best photo using the principles of photography while learning the differences between various cameras and their settings.  Use the amazing images you capture to build your very own portfolio website.

"My favorite part of class was building the website and going outside and taking pictures."

Photography + Scrapbooking = Picture Perfect Fun!   Learn how to capture beautiful images taught by a professional photographer.  You will learn about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, rule of thirds, and so much more.  Then you will take the images you captured and create a scrapbook.  These scrapbooks are great keepsakes and/or make cool one-of-a-kind gifts.  We highly recommend students bring their own cameras; however, cameras are available.

NEW CLASS for 9-11 year olds!

Students will have an age-appropriate introduction to Computer Programming using Raspberry Pi, a tiny affordable computer designed to promote learning about computer science.  Students will learn fundamentals of programming while exploring the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi and be allowed to take the RPi home to continue their learning.


Learn about rockets, drones and the power behind CO2.  Build your own rocket and CO2-propelled dragster and see how they perform against the competition.  You will also test your flight skills as you navigate a drone through different obstacle courses.


Have fun learning how to select and safely care for a variety of potential pets; be they furry, scaly or feathered. Learn pet requirements and feeding and grooming needs.  Small animals will be on site for supervised practice and cuddling.   Special guests will include local experts in the animal grooming, handling, or health fields.  Students may also have the opportunity to volunteer with animals in need. 

Create, build, and operate a robot using Lego Mind Storm kits. No prior experience necessary.

Create, build, and operate a robot using Lego Mind Storm kits. No prior experience necessary. Robotics I is a prerequisite for Robotics II.


Redo your room with new decorations and organizing tricks.   Learn special writing techniques for labeling and decorating.  Paint canvases, decorate vases, and create lots of other crafts to make your space spectacular.

Learn various techniques in clay sculpting. Have fun making your very own clay critters.

"My favorite part of class was that we got to learn how to make new thinks from clay."

Learn the basics of using a sewing machine and monogramming machine while having fun making projects you can use every day.   

"My daughter absolutely LOVED this class. She hated that it was only 4 days long. She's now sewing her little heart out at home :)"

Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?  In this class, you'll get to design bulletin boards, plan a lesson, teach a lesson, and much more!

"Ms. Darling was so encouraging and supportive--a wonderful example of a professional teacher, perfect to encourage young kids who would like to pursue the profession later in life."

Have fun learning to play the guitar while singing and writing your own songs.  Please bring your own guitar.

"Miss Dylan was great with all the students and took time to spend time with each one individually".


Discover how things work, build problem-solving skills, and learn how to apply math and science while having fun.  Explore engineering as a career option as you work on several fun, hands-on projects, including 3D printing.  You will learn how to follow a design process and document your work just like engineers in the workplace.