Babysitter Bootcamp

Keep yourself and the children you watch safe and entertained.  Learn fun games and how to handle emergency situations.  Students are trained in CPR and First Aid by a certified instructor and will receive their card for an additional $40.

"I liked all of it. I like making the pens and clipboards and the first aid kits, and I like learning about what to do in an emergency" 


Course Outline

Day 1 - Mon

Go over "10 Tools of Babysitting" and "Babysitting Must Haves" .  Students will decorate folders to keep print-off's in and a canvas bag (babysitter bag) to take all their things home on Thursday.

Day 2 - Tue

Work on Clipboards (modge podge) and First Aid Kits.

Day 3 - Wed

Students will watch the necessary First Aid and CPR videos required in order to be certified and then become certified in First Aid and CPR.

Day 4 - Thu

Students get "real-life" experience interacting with young kids.  We will make a snack (Worm in the Dirt) and Kool Aid Play dough. Students will rotate between different stations and do activities with kids. 


Enrollment begins April 6 for 9-11-year-olds and April 13 for 12-14-year-olds.

Week 1:
June 5 - 8

Ages 12-14
Ages 12-14

Week 2:
June 12 - 15

Ages 12-14

Week 3:
June 19 - 22

Ages 12-14

Week 4:
June 26 - 29

No Classes Scheduled
Drop-off/Pick-up Location: 
Gate 1, IT Building
Franklin Road Campus
4701 12th Avenue
Norman, OK 73069